National Certificate (SC): N3 Technical Matric
    SAQA ID: 15947
    NQF Level: 04

    Purpose & Rationale of Qualification
    This qualification is intended to provide learners with a general education to perform the tasks at this level, participate in life-long learning, be gainfully employed or self-employed in the world of work
    and enter Higher Education institutions. The Senior Certificate is an equivalent to the FETC National
    Senior Certificate or Grade 12. Learners completing the Senior Certificate may not obtain automatic exemption to access university degree studies, but can however access all other further studies through the available articulation structures.

    Exit Level Outcomes
    On completion of this qualification the learner is expected to obtain access to Higher Education institutions, manage and organise developmentally appropriate activities, interact and communicate effectively with others, participate responsibly in the life of a community, evaluate information gathered through a process of observation, demonstrate understanding and application of the range of knowledge and skills contemplated in the qualification as contained in the syllabi of the various instructional offerings.

    Learning Areas (Science Stream)
    Industrial Orientation
    Industrial Organisation & Planning
    Supervision in Industry
    Engineering Science N3
    Mathematics N3

    Note: Learners who have never written Matric before are encouraged to register for two languages in August from the Nated 550 Syllabus after passing 4 subjects.

    On passing 4 subjects + 2 languages, a Matric Senior Level Certificate (CS) will be issued after combination of symbols at a provincial Department of Education.
    The new NCS and the N3 engineering subjects do not combine to any certificate at all.

    Students who wrote Matric before 2007 can add N3 subjects to gain a Matric Certificate. Students who wrote Matric after 2007 will have to redo a complete Matric.


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